Purchasing a new car is an exciting time. It’s also a big financial decision, so stress is inevitable. You can remove some of that stress by looking at the facts instead of getting sidetracked by myths. To offer some clarity, we’re going to debunk three of them because the team at Sansone Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM wants your car buying experience to be as smooth as possible. We’re glad to be part of the Woodbridge, NJ community and are happy to shed some light on what’s true and what’s false in car buying.

Buying New Means You Lose Money

Does a new car really lose thousands in value when it’s driven off the lot? That myth is for the most part false. The value of your new car depends on a lot of different factors and depreciation doesn’t happen in hours. If you’re concerned about this, then study up on how well a car holds its value.

You Should Buy at Specific Times

Our team has heard a lot of interesting stories from customers over the years about what they’ve heard. The truth is that this is false. It depends greatly on the model of car you want. Promotions and specials run all the time, and many factors determine the final price you are offered. The best thing to do is be educated about the value of the car you want and look for the best deal accordingly.

Extended Warranties Have No Value

Before you say no to an extended warranty, think about how much you’ll need it should something go wrong after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. If you plan to keep your new vehicle for a long period, an extended warranty is a good investment.

It’s time to dispute all the myths. Instead, shop with the team at Sansone Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM. We are transparent and honest in every transaction. You can be assured when you purchase a car from your local Woodbridge, NJ car dealership, you’ll have all the facts. Visit us today to see our new inventory including an array of 2019 models.