There is nothing quite like visiting a car dealership that has your best interests in mind, and fortunately, you can find just that at Sansone Chrysler Jeep® Dodge RAM. We’re a dealership that prides itself in customer service excellence, and that means more than just helping you find a brand new car, it also includes regular servicing.

Our team at Sansone Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM understand that a lot goes into automotive maintenance. However, we believe one of the most important forms of maintenance is regular oil changes. By changing your motor oil on a regular basis you can avoid the short-term repercussions of hindering the performance of your engine and the long term consequences of inflicting direct damage to your engine’s components. To avoid this, our car care professionals recommend that you change your motor oil out once every 3,000 miles. However, before you change your oil, it is important to know which type of motor oil you need.

There are four types of motor oil to choose from, full synthetic, synthetic blend, conventional and high mileage oil. Full synthetic oil works best in high mileage vehicles and performance cars. This grade of oil provides incredible lubrication, however, can be quite costly. Synthetic blend offers a cheaper alternative to full synthetic. While not as effective, synthetic blend is still a great choice for drivers who want something above the standard. Conventional oil is the most commonly used kind of motor oil and should be used in vehicles with a low to mid-range odometer reading. High mileage motor oil is typically only used in vehicles with 75,000 miles or higher. High mileage oil is used to reduce smog emissions and prevent oil leaks.

So, which oil type is right for you? Well, our Jeep, Dodge, RAM, and Chrysler service team can inspect your vehicle and select the type of oil that best fits your engine. At Sansone Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM, your complete satisfaction is our number one goal.