Whether you’re looking for new or used cars near Staten Island, NJ, or if you’ve been driving your vehicle for years, oil changes should be a part of your regular maintenance routine. Sometimes, though, that recommended 5,000 miles comes and goes, and you may wonder, “Do I really need to find a service center near me to change my oil?”

The answer is YES. Regular oil changes can actually end up saving you money. Here’s why:

They Keep Your Engine Clean

Any sort of debris is harmful to your engine, especially the bits of dirt and dust that can enter when you’re driving. This grit corrodes your engine parts and can leave you with a hefty bill when all is said and done. Clean oil removes this grit and prevents the buildup of sludge, which is solidified oil that can cause internal combustion problems or require an engine replacement if not removed.

They Cool and Lubricate Your Engine

All your engine’s rapidly moving valves, pistons, and other parts need lubrication to run smoothly. Without it, parts can wear down quickly and you could be forking over a lot of cash to replace them. Keeping your engine lubricated with clean oil also keeps its cool. The less lubricated an engine is, the more friction its parts create, which raises the engine’s temperature and can cause it to overheat.

They Improve Gas Mileage

Fuel costs change regularly, and an unexpected price surge can leave you with a bigger bill at the pump and less money to spend on your own summer fun. When your engine is not properly lubricated, it can cause higher gas consumption. Regular oil changes, on the other hand, can raise your miles per gallon over the course of your car’s lifetime, saving you money. It also helps to have a fuel-efficient car, like the new Jeep Wrangler.

These are just few ways regular oil changes save you money. Visit our Chrysler service center near Woodbridge, NJ today, and we’ll keep your car running smoothly.