At Sansone Chrysler Jeep® Dodge RAM, we are passionate about sharing our diverse car knowledge with our customers. With the arrival of fall comes new car care practices, many of which are not known by the average consumer. To help you prepare for the new season, our knowledgeable Jeep dealers put together this brief guide of fall car care tips.

Whether you’re driving a new RAM pickup or piloting a hybrid sedan, every car owner should prepare for fall. The new seasons calls for cooler temperatures, more erratic weather, and new ways to care for your car.

For one, drivers should be sure that their heater and defroster work properly. During the colder months, a heater and defroster not only keep you warm while on the road, but also clear up your windshield. Lights are another crucial piece; having a busted headlight may seem trivial at first, but these lights could be your lifeline to the road.

While visibility is important, proper handling can keep you on the road when fall weather bears down at full force. To prevent the worst-case scenario, get your brakes and tires thoroughly inspected. If your tire tread is low, or you don’t have the right tires for the season, you may want to consider shopping for new ones. Alternatively, if your brakes are worn, don’t hesitate to swap them out for new ones. Going all out on fall car care can mean more than just improving the safety of your vehicle, but it can benefit your safety as well.

Here at Sansone Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM, we are your trusted car dealership in Avenel, NJ. With the help of our service team, you can get your car ready for the fall and stay safe while on the road.