Are you planning a road trip this fall? If so, you’ll want to get your car ready first. At Sansone Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM, we understand how much wear and tear a lengthy road trip can leave on your vehicle. So, before you hit the road, you should get your car road trip ready.

No matter what you drive, whether it’s a hybrid sedan or a RAM truck, long road trips can put a considerable amount of wear on your vehicle. From your tires to your engine, a ton of miles all at once can put a toll on a car; fortunately, there are some things you can do before you depart to ensure you don’t end up stuck on the side of the road. Tires are a priority. They not only support the weight of your vehicle, but they also keep you grounded on the road.

Before embarking, visit our Dodge service center to have your tires checked. Our technicians will inspect the tread wear to make sure your vehicle can keep optimal traction on the road.

Another crucial component to long road trips is the oil in your engine. Oil is the lubricant that keeps all the delicate components of your powertrain running smoothly. If levels are low or you’re due for an oil change, you’ll experience poor performance and efficiency. Not to mention you run the risk of the engine overheating.

Additionally, a roadside survival kit is never a bad idea. These kits often include things like a jack, a first aid kit, and a basic set of tools. You never know what the open road has in store, which is why it’s wise to be prepared.

Before you hit the road, consult our service team to ensure your vehicle is ready. At Sansone Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, we are not only a car dealership serving Avenel, NJ, but also a service center that accommodates all maintenance needs.