There are many parts that your car requires to be in top shape in order to run smoothly and safely. One of the key components is your battery. At Sansone Chrysler Jeep® Dodge RAM, our certified professionals in the service department are prepared to repair or replace your components and get you back on the road as soon as possible. Visit today to get your RAM pickup running like new. 

Your battery is what supplies the electrical current that enables your vehicle to start and provides power to all your interior systems. Signs of a failing battery include an activated check engine light, slow crank to start the engine, low battery fluid, rank odor, or visible spell beneath the hood. If you haven’t had a new battery in three or more years, this could mean it’s time for a replacement. Without a healthy battery, you could encounter a decline in performance or no power at all. Furthermore, healthy parts will experience more stress when running on a weak battery. This could cause damage to your starter or charging system and cost you even more money.

At your nearest Dodge dealership, our technicians will examine your battery to ensure it has an adequate charge and all cables are secure. If problems persist, your starter may be the issue. Whether you need a new battery or attention to the starter, we will get you taken care of. We only use MOPAR® parts, made specifically for your make and model. For example, we will not put a part made for a Toyota Corolla or an aftermarket product in your RAM truck. Before you visit our location, check out the parts and service specials on our website! 

We are looking forward to working on your car, SUV, Chrysler van, or truck. Schedule an appointment online or visit us today at 90-100 Route 1 in Avenel, NJ.